iBuyers are paying close to market value and sellers get to skip a significant amount of the hassle of the traditional home selling process. No showings, no prep, and seller gets to choose the closing date.

However, it's important to understand the difference between offer price and seller net. While some iBuyers offer near market value, they all charge fees for the convenience - but also deduct money for repairs & improvements.

Whether it's called an assessment or evaluation, the seller should understand it is an in-depth home inspection — and they all have them.

After the assessment/inspection, the iBuyer deducts the amount of repairs/improvements they determine, at their sole discretion without negotiation, necessary to resell the home. The seller's net cash is reduced by the deduction amount.

Always focus on the net to net comparison and explain the pending repair adjustments. 

Depending on what matters most to your seller, you are in the best position to give straegic advice.

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