The difference between working to meet an expectation and delivering a delightful experience is all about timing. If you present options before your customer makes a request, you’ve delivered delight. If you wait for the consumer to make a request, then you’'ll always be working hard to meet an expectation.

Real estate agents need to redesign the customer experience to present options before the consumer expects them. 

It's not hard to understand difference, as we all know how it feels to ask for a glass of water vs being offered one when we arrive. But why aren't agents doing this at every step of the customer journey?

Amazon, Uber, Netflix, smart phones, and more have all played a huge role in changing the consumer expectations of what a delightful experience should be.

Experience is a new product. Time is a new price.
To win the modern consumer, real estate needs to make more experiences simple & digital.

  • Consumers no longer want an agent to tour their home before assessing features & condition. Why can't they just answer some questions online and send pics?

  • Consumers no longer want to see complicated spreadsheets or pages of reports. Why can't they just click to see an elegant comparison of options? - from their phone!

WyzeGyde empowers agents with a simple, digital toolset designed to deliver delightful experiences to your customers.

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