Covid-19 has thrust the real estate industry into a digital-first consumer experience. 

  • Consumers no longer want an agent to tour their home before assessing features & condition. Now they can answer questions online and send pics.

  • Consumers no longer want to see complicated spreadsheets or pages of reports. Now they can click to see an elegant comparison of options - from their phone!

WyzeGyde empowers agents to deliver a complete digital listing experience.

  1. Start by collecting key information about the Features & Conditions of the home using the Offers Landing Page.

  2. Research the comps and place your suggested Market Listing details in the Strategy Gyde.

  3. Add some hypothetical offers to the Strategy Gyde to explain what various offer scenarios may look like using the 'Add Consumer Offer'.
    Possible options to consider adding:
    a) Conventional Financing with Low Closing Costs
    b) Government Loan with Higher Closing Costs
    c) Cash Offer with No Closing Costs
    *use various offer prices to illustrate different strategies


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