Landing Pages are the foundation of seller lead generation.

It may help to think of Landing Pages as questions you want to ask consumers so you can capture opportunities. All answers are added to the Property Gyde where you can manage information. From there you can develop a Strategy Gyde that helps clarify options with confidence.

We provide multiple options for you to use as needed in your lead generation efforts.

  • Valuation Page
    What’s my home worth? is the strongest call to action in most markets across the country. Whether an owner is tracking their investment, refinancing, or thinking about selling your Home Valuation landing page will help capture leads and deliver value.

  • Offers Page
    Many owners are interested in learning more about Instant Offers and would consider an offer today for their home. The Instant Offer landing page will help you assist these sellers by collecting information about the features & conditions of their property.

Landing Pages collect specific property details such as features & conditions that will help you determine the best market strategy for your clients.

Landing Pages are customizable & integrated.

  • Showcase your brand style! with logo, colors, image, headshot, and call to action

  • Integrate with your website, CRM, Google Analytics, & Facebook Pixel

Landing Pages can stand alone as you drive traffic from social media, business cards, print or digital ad campaigns.

Pro Tip: brand your landing pages with a Vanity URL before sharing the link

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